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Union Pacific Updates Its Seal Requirements

    Beginning in mid-2023, Union Pacific will require theft-deterrent or barrier seals (minimum 1/8 cable or bolt seal) on intermodal shipments to reduce theft and tampering. The minimum seal requirement of 1/8 cable or bolt seal will add another layer of theft protection along with delaying and preventing easy access to shipments during transport. The required seals are designed to prevent entry to the intermodal container or trailer with ordinary seal removal techniques, such as bolt cutters.

    Union Pacific’s policy on seal requirements can be found in (link to PDF) Intermodal Terms & Conditions, Section F.

    Need Help Meeting Union Pacfic’s New Seal Requirements?

    We will help you choose the most cost-effective, threat-specific seals that fit your needs and Union Pacific’s requirements. Secure Applications has been helping organizations secure their supply chain with tamper-evident tapes, labels, and bags since 2009. We stay current on all of the newest regulations to keep your shipments safe and in compliance with all of the latest standards.