Tamper Evident Label, P22 Hybrid, Black, 50.8mm x 50.8mm, Black surface text – “QUALITY SECURE”, White Surface, Perforations (color red for visibility on DR), Silicone on the back of liner. 1000 labels per roll. Die No: New Void Plate: DR 4462 New white plate and perf plate.

  • Quick & Cost-Effective Product Security
  • Protect Your Brand Identity
  • Available in Residue & Non-Residue Adhesive
  • Completely Customizable to Your Design
Quick and easy to apply to your products.
Just peel & stick, and you’re all set! These labels are easily detached from their backing and apply flawlessly to virtually any surface. Once they’re attached, they can’t be removed without triggering the label.
A cost-effective solution that defends your bottom line.
Effective security measures such as tamper evident labels are an inexpensive investment to secure your products. We’re proud to offer the best quality products at the lowest price found anywhere.
Rest easy with 24/7 product protection.
You can’t watch your products all the time, but you can trust tamper evident labels to deter unauthorized access and theft. And, in the event that a security issue does occur, you’ll know long before the situation gets worse.


We are committed to reducing tampering, cargo theft, corporate espionage, and terrorist activity by offering our proven products, our experience and our knowledge to address our customers’ diverse needs and offering specialized applications.