75% of all theft and pilferage occurs inside an organization. Protect your product from theft and product tampering with CannabiSeal Tamper Resistant Bags, Tamper Evident Strips, and Counterfeit Detection solutions.

CannabiSeal offers solutions for unauthorized access that can easily be detected with a Tamper Evident Seal. This added security will ensure your product gets to its destination without interference.

Earn your clients’ trust with CannabiSeal.

  • CannabiSeal Tamper Resistant Bags
  • CannabiSeal Tamper Evident Strips
  • CannabiSeal Counterfeit Detection
Quick and easy to apply to your products.
Our products are designed to be easily-applied with minimal training required. Just apply our CannabiSeal solution to your product and feel confident it is going to reach customers safely and as intended.
A cost-effective solution that defends your bottom line.
Our inexpensive CannabiSeal products can be easily integrated into your security processes and protocol. The cost of prevention is easily calculated, the cost of loss is difficult to calculate – and even harder to deal with.
Rest easy with 24/7 product protection.
You can’t watch your products all the time, but our CannibiSeal solutions stand guard for you.


We are committed to reducing tampering, cargo theft, corporate espionage, and terrorist activity by offering our proven products, our experience and our knowledge to address our customers’ diverse needs and offering specialized applications.