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Pallet Secure in Cargo Security International

    Secure Applications has announced the launch of its pallet security product, Pallet Secure. The coverage was picked up by trade magazine Cargo Security International.

    The product, launched at the recent Air/Sea Cargo Americas Expo in Miami, is designed to protect the banding of the pallet, by preventing the manipulation of the strapping and removal of the inner cartons being carried.

    The tamper-evident, highly visible, security label can be applied anytime throughout the transit of goods, both under and over the stretch wrap.

    One label can protect four cartons on a pallet and requires no tools for application. The company has said that the label is cost-effective, compact for storage, and reduces shipping costs. Each label can contain information such as the shipper’s name, facility information, Bill of Lading/Manifest, and the number of pieces on the pallet.

    Further label options include target areas for RFID, Temperature Loggers, and barcodes.

    “The introduction of Pallet Secure made it much easier to explain the need for security in layers, at every stage of the packaging, and at all points in the transportation stream,” said Bob Frucci of Secure Applications to Cargo Security International. He added, “We designed this simple product by combining our knowledge and the painful experience of seeing pilfered pallets and client loss at case investigations. We also considered the need for speed of product inspection, cost, application needs, customer training, operational issues, etc. Basically, we listened to our customers and targeted their needs.”