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How to Protect Your Pallet Loads From Tampering and Theft

    Whether you are shipping commodities over a long or short distance, having your product secure is the most crucial part of a shipment plan. It’s essential to ensure that your shipment is on a solid pallet to prevent commodities from knocking around each other when moving. The pallets may also have unique labeling to show that the commodities are yours to avoid possible mixing in the warehouse. Try the security tips below to evade common load tampering or theft of your cargo.

    Use Transparent Wraps

    Have you seen clear packages embedded in luggage on a pallet? Transparent wraps are increasingly popular with shipping loads because you can easily count your merchandise and tell if anything is missing or tampered with. They are also affordable and easy to secure with security seal tape.

    Shrink Wraps

    Shrink wraps are efficient as they take the shape of the shipment. Whether the shrink wraps are transparent or not, it is effortless to tell that it’s your cargo at a glance. The method efficiently works on items in cans or robust casings. The shrink wraps are also secured with efficient security seal tape to prevent the load from tampering or getting stolen.

    Antitheft Tape

    When transporting items in boxes, it’s recommended that you use strong security tape seals. The antitheft seal is the most efficient because removing it without destroying or leaving marks on the box is impossible. If anyone tries to mess with the cargo, you can quickly tell.

    Security Labels

    According to the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, at least 1.8 billion pallets are used in the United States daily. Such numbers in pallets imply that more loads are moving throughout the country. To prevent your goods from getting lost, you can add security labels to the package to add extra security. Security tapes are attached to self-destruct when the security seal tape has been pulled apart. When people ferrying the load know that your products are secured, they can’t tamper with them.

    Have Your Luggage Stamped

    At times, cargo gets mixed up with others even after proper sealing and securing. Stamping or writing something that identifies your cargo with your company is therefore appropriate. Such stamps make it easier to tear apart commodities of the same make and color belonging to different people.

    If you ship luggage regularly, you must ensure no one tampers or steals it before arriving. Ensure your load is safely positioned on respective pallets and wrapped in transparent shrink wraps. Always secure your boxes and packages using security seal tape to make opening the boxes impossible before they get to where you want. Contact us today if you are looking for the best packaging and sealing services for your product.