Tamper Evidence provides easy-to-track solutions for mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized access and general product or asset theft. Utilizing a blend of classic and modern prevention methods helps to secure your supply chain and maintain your brand equity.

Everyone involved in your supply chain. From the manufacturer, to the transporter, to the end consumer – every aspect of your business benefits from Tamper Evidence. Your manufacturer and transporters are protected from liability, and your customers get the product exactly as you intended it, and that’s the way it should be.

What loss can you tolerate? A threat-specific layer of security does not have to be expensive. Secure Applications has designed its solutions to be cost-effective and scalable as the needs of your organization grow.

Yes. You can add your Logo, Custom Colors, Custom Overt and Covert printing, with Sequential Numbering and/or Alphanumeric. Custom widths and lengths. Contact our security experts for more information.

Start with the basics: Do you use water-gum tape or poly? Machine rolled or hand applied? Are you the manufacturer, shipper, or transporter? No problem. Our product offerings are flexible enough to blend seamlessly into your existing operations and anywhere in the supply stream. Minimal training required, Maximum security applied.

Not a chance. Your security protocols are never discussed or made available to anyone. Secure Applications is a trusted company that works with government agencies, high value shippers, law enforcement, and companies that require the ultimate in security. Your security is our number one concern.

Yes! They can be used in variable temperatures, on crates & cartons, gas pumps, slot machines, packaging, and on airlines. Lets test it! Provide the parameters and we will provide the ideal security application.