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Advances in Tamper Evident Tape (TET)

Advancements in tamper-evident tape technology are changing the way security is ensured in supply chains, while saving businesses multiple costs, and providing a better experience to the customer.

Where is the Problem?

Tampering theft is pretty common worldwide, especially in the US. Not only does tampering happen at the doorstep of a delivered package, mostly in absence of the receiver. But it’s equally prevalent throughout the supply chain, where packages, pallets and more are tampered with even before they reach their destination.

While there are multiple security measures in place to ensure a package is delivered untouched, in the end, due to human involvement in every part of the process, the chances of a package being mishandled don’t seem to suffer.

Tamper-evident tapes are nothing but a supreme solution in this regard. As for something so inexpensive, it does the job it’s meant to do really well.

Before and after TET tamper evident tape use

Use Tamper-Evident Tapes as a Theft Deterrent

Tamper-evident tapes aren’t much different from regular tapes, except for the fact that they have a visible warning message on the packaging, making them the perfect security solution for the protection of your packages.

As a clear theft deterrent, the product saves businesses a lot of money, otherwise spent on returns and product recalls.

Unlike traditional security measures that more often than not turn out to be intensive, using tamper tape in your production process is a cakewalk. More so if you automate the process. Otherwise, there’s always the option of manually applying the tape with a tape dispenser.

On a similar note, the product is highly cost-effective. With this small addition, every business can take their quality assurance a few notches up. While creating a distinct identity for being a reliable service provider.

Secure Applications make use of the best industry process to deliver you a product that makes no compromise in quality while being absolutely inexpensive. With our custom tamper tapes, choose from a variety of options to create a product specifically for your business needs. If customization isn’t your preference, choose quickly with the options available off the shelf.

Advantages of Using a Tamper-Evident Tape

  • Tamper-evident tapes are a reliable way to prevent theft, or at the very least, discourage it.
  • Multiple stages are involved from the manufacturing of a product to the time a customer receives it. With tamper-evident tapes, businesses can maintain a chain of custody, effectively tracking where exactly the product tampered throughout its transit journey.
  • Businesses save on a lot of costs that would have otherwise been included due to returning, or replacement of a product because it had been tampered with.
  • Customers are at ease when they know their packages are safeguarded with tamper-evident tape.
  • Tamper-evident tapes are inexpensive. With this small addition to your supply process, you can save a lot of money immediately.
  • Tamper-evident tapes are a great marketing tool. As they help differentiate your company from your competitors. Providing your customers with yet another reason to choose your product.

Tamper-evident tapes are a great addition to your business. And with so many options available in the market, with not just numerous brands but also the type of tapes. It all comes down to what your business specifically demands.

Secure Applications help you get tamper tapes specially designed for your business. Give us a call for a free quote.




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