Secure your products, every step of the way.

Security is #1

Security and confidentiality are our primary concerns. Our careers have provided the opportunity to experience the multiple techniques and tactics the bad guys utilize to game the system.

We’re Here for You

Secure Applications was formed with a goal to “Stop The Bleeding” by protecting unattended assets and establishing layers of safety with threat-specific, supply chain security solutions, like our industry-leading anti-theft labels and tape.

We recognize the importance of product security to support company growth. Maintaining brand equity is integral to establishing consumer confidence.

We handle product & supply chain security the right way.


Industry Experience

With over 20 years of combined experience, our team of supply chain security solution specialists has the industry knowledge necessary to help your company prevent threats.


Superior Quality

We have developed our anti-theft labels and tape utilizing the proper materials and methods necessary to prevent threats, almost all of which are made here – in the USA.


Honest & Dependable

Secure Applications has been serving the industry for many years, and its reputation for honesty and dependability has secured the trust of a myriad of market leaders.


Competitive Pricing

We offer the lowest prices in the industry – period. With a corporate structure that’s built with low overhead costs, we deliver your products at a consistently competitive rate.


Professional Service

We handle every aspect of your interaction with a white glove, making sure all aspects of your security systems are approached with the highest level of integrity.


Free Consultation

Our supply chain security solution professionals are standing by to provide the ideal solution for any situation. We offer free, no-obligation assessments to resolve your security risks.

Supply Chain Security

About Secure Applications


Our goal is to offer products and solutions while making unauthorized access easily detected when moving through the supply chain. Our anti-theft labels and tape are not only cost-effective and affordable, but they are innovative.


We are committed to reducing tampering, cargo theft, corporate espionage, and terrorist activity by offering our proven products, our experience and our knowledge to address our customers’ diverse needs and offering specialized applications.


Secure Applications values integrity above all else. While our driving passion is for product and supply chain security, we believe corporate and personal integrity is of the highest importance in all social and business interactions.