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20+ Supply Chain Security Statistics & Facts in 2024

    Founder Gina Uzzolino was quoted in this article from SMBGuide

    Read the entire article at this link. There is a tremendous amount of data that backs up your investment in supply chain improvements and security. Here are a few of the top facts included in the SMBGuide post:

    • Over half of business leaders think their supply chain requires improvements.
    • 37% of companies say they changed their operating model in 2023.
    • The majority of supply chains align themselves with the tech industry.
    • Around two-thirds of businesses have found their tech is underperforming.

    Enjoy Gina’s contribution to the article here:

    “There’s a growing emphasis on reducing carbon footprints and embracing circular economy principles. This shift isn’t just ethical; it’s economical. Consumers are demanding it.

    In our business, meeting ethical and environmental standards is non-negotiable. We rigorously vet our suppliers to ensure they align with our values, focusing on those who demonstrate a commitment to fairness, sustainability, and reducing their impact.

    We’re also innovating in the materials and processes we use, prioritizing eco-friendly options that help us meet our goal of minimizing our footprint.

    Collaboration is key. We actively work with our partners to enhance their sustainability practices, ensuring our stakeholders are informed and engaged.

    By embedding these principles in our operations, we not only uphold our commitment to ethical and environmental standards but also lead by example in the security solutions industry.”

    Gina Uzzolino, President and Founder at Secure Applications